Smoke Destroyer

SMOKE DESTROYER – Self Contained Air Cleaning System

Whether you’r addressing air quality in a laboratory, light manufacturing environment, or a cigar bar; you need a solution that delivers highly efficient air cleaning. Rather than an expensive exhaust system, The SMOKE DESTROYER is a low cost, minimal maintenance clean air solution.

The SMOKE DESTROYER delivers efficiency, savings, and minimal maintenance cost through:

  • Rugged steel construction for unit longevity
  • Durable industrial-grade electronic cells
  • Coanda aerodynamic principle’s unique 4-way method of air recirculation optimizes the manner in which air circulates within a room, thus maximizing the amount of dirty air cleaned.
  • Permanently washable electronic cells that are more enviromentally friendly

The SMOKE DESTROYER air cleaner is the air cleaning solution for indoor air quality!

Design Features

SMOKE DESTROYER key feature is the multidirectional air patternd, the Coanda Aerodynamic Principle.
Our unique four-way method of air recirculation maximizes the amount of contaminated air reaching the air cleaner. Once at the air cleaner, the contaminated air particles are collacted through “electrostatic precipitation” (the charging of particles to be collected with the primary washable cell). This provides high-efficiency air cleaning and reduced overall maintenance costs with an environmentally friendly air cleaning solution.
The SMOKE DESTROYER Electronic air cleaner efficiently removes airborne particles like smoke, dust, and dirt so small that it would take 7,000 of them the stretch across this dot (.).

The SMOKE DESTROYER can be easily mounted to the ceiling or a wall and plugs into a 120V outlet. Optimal positioning is nearest the source of contaminant. A qualified representative can assist you with sizing and location for maximum effectiveness.

Alumunium prefilters and the SMOKE DESTROYER Cells are quickly removed and easily cleaned by soaking in a conventional wash container. Cleaning intervals are dependent on the contaminant density in the area being cleaned.

Optional Accesories
– Heavy Duty Prefilter
– Odor Neutralizer kit
– 1 Gallon Concentrate Cell Cleaning detergent
– 1 Pint Cell Coat
– Wash Container with Lid
– Wall – Mounting Kit
– 3-Speed Wall-Mount Switch

Capacity (CFM)
Spec Smoke


Electrical Ratings
Voltage and Frequency – 120V ac, 50/60 Hz or 240V ac, 50/60 Hz Current and Power Consumption
Spec Electrical


Spec Dimension


Spec Weight


Independent lab tested to the most current, stringent standards to deliver over 98.8% efficiency on 3 micron particles at medium speed.

3-prong, 10-foot power cord plugs into standard grounded outlet.

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