Portable Air Purifier PAP-400


img_400t_2Fashion and durable air purifier

This reliable air purifier features multi-stage air purifying technologies that works harmoniously together to clean the indoor air. The washable and reusable two-stage electronic cell captures particles dust, pollen, mold and many other pollutants in the air. The activated carbon filter eliminates many household odors. The UV-photo catalytic system destroys microorganisms and eliminates chemical odors. The negative ion generator releases high concentration level of negative ions to make the purified air fresh.

Customers are so impressed with the unique, fashionable design of the product and they call it as "Futuristic air purifier". The products are extensively used at homes, offices and hospitals / clinics worldwide.

img_400t_3"Futuristic style" air purifier

The unique fashionable design of the product is so impressed by customers that they call it a "futuristic air purifier". The unit has an advanced "Cell clean dry" function that it guarantees the washed cell to be thoroughly dried before powering.


img_400t_4Unique " 2 in 1“ structure

The unit features a "2 in 1" filter cabinet in which the activated carbon filter and electronic cell are housed. It is very simple to replace or wash the filter, owing to this unique structure. The electronic cell successfully captures tiny particles down to 0.3 microns. The cell is washable and reusable to save the maintenance cost of the air purifier.




img_400t_5The smart alarm system

This unit equips with a smart high voltage generator so that the CHECK indicator light will beep and flash if the electronic cell-power supply system encounters a problem.




img_400t_6Strong UV-photo catalytic system

The unit has increased the ultraviolet ray intensity by adding another UV bulb comparing with TX300 machine and enhances the capability to kill the microorganisms and decompose of chemical compounds by the UV-photo catalytic system.



Product description

  • The washable metal mesh pre-filter captures large particles to give the other filters a longer filter life.
  • The electronic cell discloses a negative charge to particles that pass through the unit and collects them on opposite charged metal plates. The electronic cell can capture particles down to a size of 0.01 micron. It is easy to clean and need low maintenance.
  • The activated carbon filter locks in chemicals and odors. It will continue working for many months before need to replace.
  • UV-C light can destroy airborne microorganisms such as bacteria, mold, and viruses.
  • Photo catalyst can effectively reduce odors and restrain the activity of microorganisms. The use of photo catalyst is permanent and not need replacement.
  • The negative ion generator releases the high concentration level of negative ions to make the air more pure and fresh.

img_400t_7Electrostatic precipitator

Electrostatic precipitators or ESPs ( Electronic cell) can collect particles size range 0.1 to 10 microns very efficiently. Electrostatic precipitators take advantage of the electrical principle that opposites attract. The two-stage electrostatic precipitators include two parts: the charging and the collecting parts. In the charging part, the incoming particulates pass by ionizer wires which passed on a positive electrical charge to these contaminants. The positively charged contaminants are then drawn through the collection part which contains a secondary electrical field with negatively charged aluminum plates. Since opposite charges attract, the positively charged contaminants collect on the negatively charged aluminum plates, removing them from the air stream-— similar to how a powerful magnet works.

Electrostatic precipitators offer benefits over other air purifications technologie such as HEPA filtration which requires expensive filters and it can become "production bed" for many harmful forms of bacteria.


Control Panel

  • POWER indicator light: When the power cord is inserted to the outlet, the light will light up yellow and pressing the POWER button to start the unit it will turn white.
  • TIMER indicator light
  • SPEED indicator light
  • AUOT MODE indicator light: When this indicator is lighting up, the unit is at Auto mode.
  • UV LAMP indicator light
  • NEG.ION indicator light
  • CLEAN ELECTRONIC CELL indicator light
  • REPLACE UL LAMPS indicator light
  • CHECK indicator light:When the machine breaks down, the indicator light flashes red with beeping.


  • POWER Button
  • Turns the purifier On and Off.
  • TIMER Button
  • Press the TIMER button to select the time for operation. The timer setting switches as shown: c (timer cycle function) -- 4hr -- 8hr -- 12hr -- Cancel.
  • SPEED Button
  • When the SPEED button is pressed the airflow rate changes as show below: L -- M -- H -- a (auto mode).
  • UV LAMP Button
  • When the button is pressed, it will turn off the UV lamp, pressing again will turn on the UV light.
  • NEG.ION Button
  • When pressed, the generation of ions will cease and the negative ion generator light will go out.

Easy and low cost maintenance

When the filters needs to be washed or replaced, just open the front panel, lift out the old filters and drop the new ones in. No tools are required. Unplug the unit.

  • Open the filter cabinet and pull straight the pre filter. Clean the metal mesh pre filter by using a vacuum cleaner or rinse it. Dry the pre filter thoroughly before placing back into the unit.
  • Once the cell plates become covered, their efficiency starts to diminish. It is necessary to clean the cell regularly. Take out the electronic cell from the filter cabinet. Cleaning the cell in the dishwasher or submerge it in the sink or bathtub. Dry the cell completely before putting back into the cabinet.
  • Replace the carbon filter when the "FILTER" indicator light flashes.
  • Replace the UV lamp as the "UV LAMP" indicator light illuminates.





Model PAP400
Power requirement a.c220V, 50Hz
Rated Power Max. 75.6W
Motor 220V, 50Hz
Noise Level <45dB (A)
Negative Ion 3x10/cm3
UV Lamp 2x6W
Fuse a.c250V, 2A
Main parts Pre filter, electronic cell, activated carbon filter,
UV lamp and photo catalyst, negative ion generator
Dimensions W478mm x D240mm x H839mm
Weight 25.25kg
Speed 3 Speeds
Timer 4 hr, 8 hr, 12 hr
Timer cycle mode Automatically stops 2 hours after 2 hours running, circulation in turn.
Auto mode The fan speed is automatically switched depending on the amount of pollution in the air.
Alarm light The indicator lights for cell cleaning, activated carbon filter replacement and UV lamp replacement.
Power cord 3 phase power cord, L=3m
Operation Button operation, remote control operation


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