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Energy Saving & Crisp Clean Air

Eliminate the need to spend more on energy for conditioning fresh air supply, solve the big problem of indoor air quality, with Breathronics solutions, breathing is believing.

Dollar and Sense
if you have big building you know that maintaining the quality, of the air inside is not just an enveronmental issue, energy costs for conditioning the air supply have risen and the standard for air quality aren’t likely to back of ease the economics of keeping your your air fresh.

Now there is a solution that addresses all of the big issues of indoor air quality – ODOR – MOLD – VOCs – BACTERIA – ALLERGENS – DUST while conserving energy.

with and Breathronics system serving your buiding, you can achieve higheer indoor air wuaity and lower your energy at the same time, it just makes sense.

Our goals is to restore yout building’s air to the quality found at mountain elevations, where high ion level occur naturally.


A Touch of Genius
The unique performance of the Breathronics system ibased on the scientific effect bipolar ionization of oxygen molecules. Albert Einstein himself pioeneered the initial technology. and today Breathronics has advanced the process to create the best indoor air purification system available. And the real briliance behind the solution to indoor air purification system available. And the real briliance behind the solution to indoor air pollutants is that the process is elegant, yet simple. Here’s how it works.Oxygen molecules passing by the Breathronics system are charged so that they form into ionized, Oxygen clusters similar in comoisition to air founf at pristine mountain elevations.

1_2Ionized oxygen clusters are able to neutralize most chemical compounds and VOC’s. Ionized oxygen clusters can also attach themselves to airbone pollutants and quickly drop them out of the air away from the breathing zone


over 95% of all polutants are removed from the breathable air in as little as 30 minutes without increasing energy costs to bring in additional outside air!


In many cases, with breathronics system in your building, you often can reduce your amount of outside air supply and the cost associated with conditioning it, while significantly improving your indoor air quality.

A Solution to your specific problem
– Reduce energy costs- Neutralize industrial or organic Odors and VOC’s
– Sterilize mold and bacteria
– Significantly reduce dust and pollen
– Alleviate sick building syndrome

Breathronics System solve a wider range of indoor air problems than other technologies on the market. you can breathe easy without spending more on energy.

*Tests performed by independent laboratory intertek ETL Semko.

A solution for your specific building, whetever the size of your property, Breathronics will work to costumize an installation that will work just for your specific situation. COMMERCIAL – INDUSTRIAL – SCHOOLS – MULTI – RESIDENTIAL – MUNCIPAL from single rooms to entire arenas, we are an “integrated solutions” company:
Breathronics System + Costumization + Training = energy savings + enhanced IAQ
Breathronics will fit a solution to meet your needs.

Making the Best Solution Better
We don’t think it’s enough to just have the best indoor air purification products. Yes Breathronics systems deliver unique performance that will give your building the best indoor air environment while conserving energy costs. But it only starts with the patented technology.

Breathronics has set the standard for education and training of our installers, when you meet and breathronics consultant to discuss your needs, you will be taking to an expert in indoor air quality and building air engineering. with our highest level of service and consultation, satisfied customers often become ambassadors for Breathronics Solutions. Our overall mission is to be the thought and product leaders in indoor air quality, while fostering energy conservation.


Breathronics systems can help buildings gain points toward LEED certification in four potential categories.
Breathronics systems are the only UL approved in-duct air purification systems available today.
We guarantee our products and stand behind our installations and service so our customers can breathe easy. better air.. naturally

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